Peer Review

The Northeast Institute for Quality Community Action uses certified Peer Reviewers to assist local Community Action Agencies in completing NICQA Self-Assessments. Peer Reviewers must be employed in or recently retired from a senior management position with a Community Action Agency. Teams of 3 to 4 Peer Reviewers visit local CAAs over a period of 3 days to conduct independent reviews using the QCAS self-assessment standards and tools. Reviews are intended to be supportive and helpful to local agency managers in identifying strengths and weaknesses.


The purpose of the Peer Review is to provide an objective, independent assessment of the agency’s compliance with NIQCA best practice standards to assist in the development of a CAA Action Plan for Improvement.

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The Peer Review should be completed within 45 days of the completion of the agency’s internal assessment. The actual site visit will be scheduled over 3 days. Actual agency staff/board involvement in the site visit will amount to 1.5 days.

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Team Makeup

The Team will be made up of 3 to 4 certified Peer Reviewers who work and reside in a state neighboring the location of the CAA to be reviewed. A Team leader will be designated and work with the CAA to coordinate visit logistics.

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The Team will use the identical NICQA standards used by the agency to conduct its agency assessment.

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Within 15 days following the Peer Review site visit, the NIQCA will forward to the CAA a written summary report of Team Scores with findings.

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Prior to undertaking a Peer Review CAA assessment, the CAA will be asked to sign a contract with the NIQCA that details each party’s roles and responsibilities during the site visit. A Peer Review site visit will not be scheduled in the absence of a signed contract.

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A sliding fee will be charged CAAs scheduling Peer Review site visits. Fees cover the lodging, travel, and meal expenses of volunteer Reviewers assigned to review the agency. Fees are based on the following sliding scale and are payable on or before the first day of the scheduled visit: $1,000 (CAA Budgets $5 million to $10 million), $1,500 (+$10 million to $25 million), and $2,000 (+ $25 million).

For more information on becoming a NIQCA Peer Reviewer, visit the Peer Certification page of this Web site or contact Bill Hunter at 1-508-380-1398 or See also the Contact Us page of this Web site.

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