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NIQCA Advisory Board Officers Elected

At the May 18, 2011 meeting of the NIQCA Advisory Board, Joe Diamond, Executive Director of MASSCAP, Inc. was elected to serve a 1-year term as Board Chairman, and Rhonda Evans, Deputy Director, CAFCA, Inc. was elected to serve a 1-year term as Vice Chairman. NIQCA Advisory Board members include: Edith Karsky, CAFCA, Inc.; Kathleen McDermott, MOC, Inc.; Gerald Bell, MA DHCD; Anthony Judkins, CT DSS; Susan Curran, Brandeis University; Reed Risteen, Blum and Shapiro; Toni Hirst, New Opportunities, Inc.; Paul Puzzo, Emeritus Board Director; and Sandra Hawes, MA DHCD.

NIQCA Receives OCS ARRA Funding for 5 Massachusetts CAA Management Capacity-Building "Chalkboard" Seminars

The NIQCA has received federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding to offer 5 "Chalkboard" CAA Seminars on topics focused on addressing critical management risk mitigation issues. Seminar topics include IT Client Privacy Protection Security Planning; Fraud Prevention/Detection Strategies; Executive Compensation Best Practices; Executive Transition Planning; and Updated Enterprise Audit Control Policies. Seminars are targeted to CAA Executive/Senior Managers and Board members.

NIQCA and Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) Collaborate in Designing an Integrated CAA/CSBG Monitoring and Best Practices Assessment Tool and Protocol

In an effort to promote excellence in the management and governance of CAAs in Massachusetts, DHCD and NIQCA staff have developed a pilot assessment tool and protocol that integrates CSBG compliance monitoring and NIQCA best practices assessment into a streamlined, uniform process that is undertaken once every 3 years.

NIQCA Develops Generic Non-Profit Agency Best Practice Assessment Tool

The NIQCA has developed a standardized, generic Assessment Tool for smaller nonprofit agencies to use to assess and strengthen management and governance policies and practices. For information, contact William Hunter, NIQCA Executive Director (508-380-1398 or

NIQCA Publishes "Chalk Board" Management Tips

Quick read suggestions on improving management performance on topics of Fraud Prevention (PDF) and Dashboard Indicators (PDF).

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"Preventing Crisis – Promoting Excellence" Training Available

CAA Board training offered without charge. Contact Bill Hunter for information.

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